"…an enticing sonic tapestry, pitched midway between the expressive avant-garde tumult of Berio and the rough and tumble of folk music."
The Times

"… ethereally beautiful, the violin soulfully keening in its highest register over a very slowly evolving orchestral murmur."
All Music Guide

"… a moving lament… unforgettable piece that grippes attention from beginning to end… a piece that while thoroughly contemporary in tone communicates with an expressive fervour as unmistakable as a Rachmaninov symphony."
International Record Review

"Langer's score is allusive, multilayered and often hauntingly beautiful."
The Evening Standard

The TeatroMinimo Competition (2007), Zurich Opera
The Audience Prize for The Present (2009), Zurich Opera
The Opera Group, "The Lion's Face" (2010), Zurich Opera (2009), Carnegie Hall (2009), Royal Opera House's ROH2 (2005 – current), OperaGenesis (2004), Chamber Music Series "XX/XXI" of the Bayerische Staatsoper (2004), Almeida Opera Festival (2003), Almeida Opera Festival (2002)